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Weaslysphere is an app that lets you upload a large number of submissions to the Weasyl art site with minimal effort. You can set it to upload anywhere from one submission every two minutes, to once daily for a long-running series.

With a few placeholder codes, you can name all the submissions in a series, and even insert and automatically update navigation if you so choose!

Automatically place a batch of submissions into a folder, add tags to them, and rate them without having to set each one!

I am currently in the process of developing Mac OS X and Linux versions. The base libraries used are cross platform, so Weaslysphere itself will be too!

And best of all, just like Weasyl itself, it's free! There aren't even any ads. Donations are appreciated but not required to be able to get the app.

Need a rundown on how to use Weaslysphere? Read the help file here!

Please consider donating so I can continue to spend my time on this!

Release Notes:

Weaslysphere 0.4.1:

  • Beta test 1!

Full source is available on my GitHub project page.